Frequently asked Questions

How often will you send me leads?

Every day the court’s clerks are inputing data, you will receive leads from CaseNames.

Do you require us to sign a contract? What is the obligation?

There is no contract to sign and you can cancel anytime.

How accurate are the addresses you send?

CaseNames has a contract with a premium data collection company utilizing many reliable data criteria to ensure accuracy of our leads. (For example, they are collecting mortgage, utility, and telephone information.) We are able to match leads with address utilizing the person’s full name, partial birthdate (month and day), and zip code listed on the court’s website. If we cannot find a match, we will not send you the lead. If clients want to expand the search even further, we have the ability to take away certain criteria, such as the zip code, leaving just the full name and partial birthday, to “find” more leads. Although this method is less accurate, it will oftentimes reach leads that have not recently updated their address on their driver’s license.

What types of charges and in which jurisdictions can you send me leads?

We can send any traffic or criminal charges for any jurisdictions in the States of Virginia, Maryland, and North Carolina. We are in the process of expanding into more states, so stay tuned! (Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for CaseNames News!)

How often can I change the charges and jurisdictions criteria for my leads?

You can change the charges and jurisdictions whenever you like. We recommend trying it for at least two weeks to make sure you give enough time to see a response. If you would like to make a change, please give us 24 hours to make the requested change.

How soon after the information is placed on the Court’s website will I receive the leads from CaseNames?

We only send you leads inputted by the court that day and since the last time we sent you a list. For example, if you have requested leads be sent midday, you lists will contain names from the previous afternoon that were inputted after we sent you the list the previous day. 

Do you limit the number of clients you work with in any given jurisdiction?

No. The lists each client chooses are completely customizable by charge and jurisdiction. Of course there will be some overlap, especially for very popular charges, such as reckless driving and driving under the influence. It is possible, but unlikely, that multiple clients will request the exact same charges for the same jurisdictions.

Does CaseNames dilute the lists it sends to clients by sending parts of lists exclusively to some clients and not to others?

Never! We will never alter the lists we assemble for you; you will get every lead meeting your requested criteria.

How many letters do I need to send out to get the best results?

Historically, we have seen a 2 - 3% response from the letters sent. Obviously the answer to this question is jurisdiction specific. Some jurisdictions are very popular and leads will receive multiple letters. Keep in mind; every letter you send is going to a person who needs your help now! This is a numbers game, and the more letters you send, the greater the response you can expect.

How soon after I begin should I expect to receive calls?

New clients have reported receiving calls as soon as two days after sending out letters! Clients are very unpredictable and oftentimes procrastinators. You might not hear from some leads until the very last minute.

What types of criminal and traffic charges get the best results?

This depends a lot on the jurisdiction. It is important to choose charges that will be most effective for the “type” of jurisdiction. For example, if you want to send letters to persons charged in a jurisdiction known for being a “speed trap”, you will want to concentrate your leads on traffic infractions and other charges related to speeding. Sending letters to people in that jurisdiction charged with serious criminal violations may be a waste of resources. The best way to figure out what works is by trial and error. CaseNames is capable of changing your lead criteria anytime, so you can stop certain leads or even jurisdictions if you do not get the response you anticipate.