CaseNames™ supplies you with the names and addresses of people charged with traffic and criminal violations for the charges you handle (i.e. DUI, R/D, Assault and Battery), for the North Carolina jurisdictions in which you practice.

Step #1 - Setup - CaseNames™ supplies as many leads as exist for the traffic and criminal charges you want in the jurisdictions you practice.

Step #2 – Delivery - CaseNames™ delivers your customized list, via e-mail, within hours of placement on the court’s website.

Step #3 - Prep and Mailing - You staff prepares and mails your personal letter to potential clients customized for your law practice.

Step #4 - Answer & Convert Leads to Clients - When potential clients call your phone, desperate to hire an attorney, meet with them and turn leads into clients!

Our staff will also assist your staff with setting up the mail merging system and template letters, customized for your practice. There is no contract to sign and you can adjust anything or cancel anytime.